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1) What is a shadowbox?

Our shadowboxes are cardstock layered into deep frames to create a 3-D image.

2) What materials do you use?

Cardstock paper (scrapbooking paper), adhesive foam dots, rubber cement, hobby knives/exacto knives, Silhouette Cameo and lots and lot of glitter.

3) Do you cut these by hand?

The short answer is no. We used to but like plushie makers use sewing machines, we have purchased a die-cutting machine to help us produce faster, more quality work.

4) I want to try building one of my own. Got any tips?

You are welcome to try building a shadowbox of your own. All we ask is that if you saw it here, to credit us for the idea. If you're looking for further instruction, you are more than welcome to sign up for one of our shadowbox classes (more details under the header "Shadowbox Classes")

5) Can you make a shadowbox of my OC?

Yes, we can. Please contact us through dA, Etsy, email or Twitter and give us either some reference photos or a detailed description of your OC plus any ideas on how you would like it (in our Sleepy version, filly version or some other way). We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

6) What if I want a design you've already done/something different that isn't my OC?

Contact us either through dA, Etsy, email or Twitter and send us a reference photo with a detailed description of what you want. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

7) How long does it take you to respond?

It really depends on but it shouldn't take us longer than 5 days to respond to you. If we haven't by then, feel free to get back in touch with us (sometimes things slip through the cracks but we try our best to be thorough about these sort of things).

8) How will I know if I'm on your list?

We have a widget on the opposite column of this page that we keep accurately updated all the time. If your name/commission appears on it, then you are on our list.

9) How much is my shadowbox going to cost?

That's generally up to you. Our shadowboxes start at $45 (for a 12x12 frame) to $50 (for an 11x14 frame) and go up depending on what you want in the box. Keep in mind that the more detailed your request (i.e. characters with a lot of clothing or really detailed backgrounds) the more expensive it will be. For more details, check out our "Shadowbox Commission Info" above. We do our best to get you an accurate price as soon as possible but a lot of the projects need to be sketched up before we can determine a pricing amount. If this is something you're concerned about, please let us know up front and we'll try to work with you.

10) How long does it take for you to build my box?

That depends on our list. If we are going to a convention, the wait time is drastically longer but we'll let you know up front. Generally speaking, it shouldn't take longer than a month for custom work and two weeks for designs already created (unless we are swamped). However, a lot of this process depends on how quickly you approve the sketches for custom work and purchase the boxes.

11) But I want to get a shadowbox for "x event" which is only in a few weeks!

If you have an event coming up that you need a shadowbox by, we'll do our very best to get it to you in time. Let us know the date you need it by and we'll work our hardest to have it done before then.

12) What are the typical size frames you use?

Generally speaking, we put most things in a 12x12 frame. For taller things, like human characters, we will always suggest an 11x14. For fillies, we usually do 8x10s. There are larger or smaller frames available depending on what you want. If you want something else, please let us know when you contact us for more options.

13) How does custom commissions work?

When you contact us, we'll make sure we understand what you are asking. Afterwards, we will draw up a sketch of what you have asked for and get back to you. When you approved the sketch, we'll then start on a mock-up (which is a full color digital work) of your box. We'll contact you with that (which is exactly what you're shadowbox will look like minus the layers) at which point payment is due. After payment is received we will build your shadowbox. You have full control to alter things throughout the process.

14) Do your shadowboxes come with a frame?

Yes, they come ready to hang on the wall!

15) Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship everywhere in the US, Canada and internationally.

16) What happens if my shadowbox arrives broken?

If something happens to your box in the mail, please let us know and we'll work with you get it fixed.

Shadowboxes Classes

1) What is a shadowbox class?

A shadowbox class is the perfect way for you to get tips on how we make our shadowboxes and ask us your questions. When you sign up, we provide a kit with all the pieces of your pre-selected pony as well as a few sheets of tabs (this usually costs around $20-$25 plus shipping). Then on the date and time provided we all meet up online and build together. We'll answer all your questions while instructing you on how to build your pony.

2) When are shadowbox classes/how do I get updates?

We will update our dA journal with all the information on when the next shadowbox class will be occurring and what the subject matter will be. We'll also update on Twitter and Facebook about the class at that time.

In the next few weeks, we'll try to put out a schedule detailing dates and subject matter for the next few months.

3) I'm not very crafty. Can I still build one?

Yes! As long as you can follow instructions, you shouldn't have a problem building with us. Just make sure to pay attention to our difficulty rating system and select something with a lower difficultly rating if you are unsure about your skill level.

4) How much do they cost?

In our kit, we provide the cut out of your selected character and two sheets of tabs. These kits will range from $20-$25 (plus shipping) depending on the type of paper we use. You will be responsible for purchasing a shadowbox frame, hobby knife, rubber cement, background sheet of cardstock (if applicable) and additional tabs (if applicable).

5) How long do they take?

It depends on the material. Usually they take 2 hours but for more difficult classes, it could be up to 4. We'll let you know in our dA journal.

6) How does the class work?

When you sign up, we'll send you a kit in the mail. On the allotted night, we'll all meet up on JustinTV at the allotted time and begin building!

7) What if I'm missing something in my kit?

We ask in an email that you let us know when you receive your kit and to make sure all the pieces are included. However, if you can't tell, you can let us know at any time and we'll get your missing piece in the mail to you.

8) What if I can't make the class?

If you can't make the class, we'll arrange another way to instruct you should you feel you need the instruction. The stream is available about three days after the class. However, we strongly urge that you attend the class to get the fullest experience out of your purchase.

9) Are spaces limited?

Yes, at this time we are only allowing 20 slots for the class so sign up quickly when the announcement are made.



Bronycon 2014 Recap!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 5, 2014, 10:03 PM
We are back from Bronycon 2014 and let us just say, it was a whirlwind. We did ourselves a huge favor this time by flying up on Thursday instead of trying to drive. Not only did this save us the 18-hour drive time but also allowed us to get there earlier!

We stayed at the Hilton this year which was a lot of fun. By the time we arrived, it was already packed with Bronies hanging out in the lobby. We met up with our roomies for the weekend (:icon7tails: and :iconjadedjynx: (Gay Fluttershy) as well as Lene) and hopped to setting up our booth.

Bronycon was extremely kind to us and gave us a wonderful spot in their vendor hall. We'd requested a premium spot and were accepted so we were stoked to see how close we were to the entrance.


After spending 4 hours getting set up because we had to figure out how to fit all of our boxes, we finally had a our booth looking the best it ever has in our opinions:


We ended up bringing about 270 shadowboxes to sell. As you can see, we had some pony and non-pony stuff since we got so many folks asking if we did non-pony stuff last year.

We were nervous on Friday morning because we'd brought quite a few boxes this year and there was also another paper artist in the hall. We weren't really sure what to reasonably expect.

Suffice to say that by the time we realized we'd sold out of the first 15 Luna exclusives in 20 mins, we had a feeling everything would be alright. We were overwhelmed and completely humbled by your response to all the hard work we'd put in over the last three months. All those days of waking up at 10 am to an alarm, building until we went to work, then coming home at midnight and building to 4 AM were made completely worth it by the excitement and kindness everyone showed us.

Thank you so much if you came by to support us, tell us that you loved what we did or even to chat. We can't express how much your support made our weekend!

After the hall closed, we went on to the first of two classes. We tried a new design this time around and were overall really happy with the way it came out. Everyone walked out with a completed laughing pony and even though we were tired, we were so pleased at the outcome. We went out to dinner that night with our roomies and the lovely Jade and Bubba (;P) of A Purple Pumpkin for dinner. It was nice getting to spend some time with them since they are gonna be our roomies for Nightmare nights this year (we can't wait!).

At the hall, we saw a lot of wonderful vendors.

There was :iconxsjado78: who we did an art trade with for an adorable sleeping Derpy.

I ran over early to see if :iconjanellesplushies: had any of her Appas with her and got to see her plushies up close. We also got to see :icongrennadder: and :iconviwrastupr:. Then there was :iconleekfish:, :iconsophiecabra: and :iconnsomniotic:!

We did some shopping and ended up with way too much to bring home. You can take a look at all the amazing things we found:

On Saturday, our friend watched the booth so we could go to the charity auction. When our boxes finally rolled around, we were so pleased at the excitement that everyone showed as they were displayed. Our collab with :iconpixelkitties:, :iconsophiecabra:, :iconcatwhitney:, :iconjadedjynx:, :iconleekfish: and :iconjohnjoseco: ended up raising $3,250 for charity and we couldn't be more ecstatic for the outcome.

The gentleman that bought them is a super nice guy and we are happy to see them going to such a wonderful home. BartonFink from the Round Stable purchased our 30/30 Luna Exclusive and put her in the charity auction as well. Someone was able to snag the last copy of her signed by Tabitha St Germain  (She sold for $650)Bronycon 2014 Limited Edition Exclusive Luna by The-Paper-Pony

We're already getting questions about what we are doing next year and know that we are already brainstorming how to top such a wonderful collab (with another perhaps?).

Our class on Saturday went a little rougher since we ran out of a few backgrounds but we were able to sneak to Walmart afterwards and found the perfect substitute. We can proudly say that by Sunday, everyone had a complete pony and background to take home!

We thought the workshop set up and room ran really smoothly and couldn't be happier with the popularity of our classes. We wish that we could have let everyone that was interested in to build a pony but due to the fact that we have to pre-cut the kits, it just wasn't possible.

By Sunday, we ended up selling out of every box we brought which made pack up really easy. We couldn't believe how generous and supportive everyone was and would just like to thank you all again for reminding us of that fact. It was quite nice to get to visit a bit more with :icongrennadder: and :iconviwrastupr: for dinner on Sunday night and a great way to wind down after a whirlwind of a weekend.

We want to take a moment to express our gratitude to the con chair Josh Dean, the head of vendor relations FireEnvy and all of the volunteers and workers of Bronycon for running such an epicly smooth convention. They listened to the complaints of last year and drastically improved on them, making for a 20% cooler (you know we had to) convention. Everywhere we looked, we saw smiling faces and that says something about how wonderful the convention was run. We know how hard the security and staff worked to make sure everything went perfectly and even though we didn't get to see all of you and thank you personally, we really appreciate your dedication! The only thing that would make next year better are more trash cans in the vendor hall!

Favorite moments:

-Getting to meet Andon_A from Twitter in our class and chasing him down the next day
-Speaking with the :iconcutieartcrusaders: and doing an interview with them on Saturday morning. Not only are they easy to talk to but they are also really nice folks
-Seeing LyokoTravels several times throughout the weekend.
-Watching :icon7tails: buy his way through the vendor hall (and storing his stuff for him behind our booth)
-Having dinner with A Purple Pumpkin (twice) and walking to the harbor with :icongrennadder: and :iconviwrastupr:
-Chatting with :iconmixermike: about Flufflepuff!
-Quick story: Late Saturday night, :iconjadedjynx: pulled out a Fluttershy shirt and said she was wearing her "yay Fluttershy" shirt though it sounded like she said "Gay Fluttershy" shirt so now that is what she is known as!
-Watching everyone in our class walk out with a finished pony
-Selling that last Rarity shadowbox!
-Seeing our charity auction pieces at the auction
-Getting to chat with all of you!

Grand Brony Gala

We will be attending Grand Brony Gala in Tampa on August 15-17

Derpy here will be our Exclusive for the attendees. Shadowbox Mockup: Grand Brony Gala Exclusive Derpy by The-Paper-Pony

Commission Status




1) :iconheatbish:
LoL Rumble (Super Galaxy Skin)
Commission: LoL Rumble Shadowbox Mockup by The-Paper-Pony

2) :iconosakajack:
Gift/Charity auction piece

Awaiting Shipment:

1) Email KP
Katara, Zuko/Katara
The Last Airbender: Katara Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony
Gala Rarity
Zuko/Katara shadowbox

On My Table:

1) Etsy User JM
Evangelion Portraits
Evangelion Shinji Portrait Mock Up by The-Paper-Pony
Evangelion Rei Portrait Mock Up by The-Paper-Pony
Evangelion Asuka Portrait Mock Up by The-Paper-Pony

2) :iconwcclark:


Mock Up Completed:

1) Email Commission from P
Harry and Hermione and Harley Quinn
Harry and Hermione Shadowbox Mock up by The-Paper-Pony
Commission:  Harley Quinn Shadowbox Mock-up by The-Paper-Pony

Sketch Completed:

1) :iconfoxchibi:
Dragon Shadowbox Commission: WIP Chaos Emporium shadowbox mockup by The-Paper-Pony :star:

2) Etsy User R
Rarity, Pinkie and RD in front of Disney castle

3) Etsy User A
Ignite Me Book Cover

4) :iconfrostedair:
Season 4 Alicorn's Magic Scene

In Development:

1) Etsy User AS
4 Habitat Boxes (X)

2) :icontaharon:
Celestia and OC.

3) Etsy User Karen
8th Doctor

4) Etsy User N
Powerpuff Girls box

5) :iconacesleeves:
OC pony

6) :iconmunchforlunch:
Ghost box

7) Etsy User KK
Cadence and Twilight

8) Email User
Link boxes forever

9) :iconPete933:
2 OCs

10) :iconchuchurei:
Nightmare Rarity

11) Etsy PJ
4 Princesses

12) :iconanimatedmelchior:
Samurai Champloo

Nightmare Nights Trade:

1) :iconscrwloose:
Anna and Stitch

2) :iconstudioneko:
Toothless Trade

3) :icondrawponies:
Royal Sisters Box

Christmas List:

1) Etsy User KH
Custom Wedding box

2) :iconmoonflower-lights:
11th Doctor and River Song

3) :iconjeweledfaith:
2 gifts

What anime and character would you like to see made into a shadowbox? 

44 deviants said Edward and Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist
29 deviants said Sesshomaru from Inuyasha
29 deviants said Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
26 deviants said Other (leave 1 or 2 character(s) and anime in a comment)
22 deviants said Tuxedo Mask/Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
22 deviants said Vash the Stampede from Trigun
13 deviants said Chi/Freya from Chobits
13 deviants said Naruto from Naruto
7 deviants said Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess


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