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December 16, 2012
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YOUTUBE VIDEO RESPONSE (It's great) :) [link]

*Big Edit*

I went ahead and gave in to a lot of comments saying that this needed sound. So I went ahead and dug through all the libraries of sound bytes I could get ahold of. I hope you enjoy it. (I added a mute button in case you don't like it)

Screensaver will still play as muted since I can't add a default setting with InstantStorm. Hope you enjoy!

Music Credits: May the Best Pet Win Deadhor5 remix [link]

**/Big Edit**

Well, here is my first full fledged animation. It was exhausting, but fun.

And thank you for taking the time to watch. :)

If you're interested, this animation was created from this storyboard


There is one common DropBox Folder that includes every screensaver i've made thus far (Mac/Windows and With Sound/Without Sound) including compilations of all three screensavers.

[link] here


OK, where do I begin...?

First off, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE COMMENTS/FAVS!!! It makes Pinkie happy too ^_^

EQD! I can't believe it, big thanks to whoever submitted this to them.

I do plan to add sound/background/more scenes in the near future. I just wanted to upload this once it was substantial enough to stand as its own short.

Also check out
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now do twilight screensaver plz! :D
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